It is common for people to go online for one or more years before they are ready to make a move. Are you part of that group? I am the agent that is there for you when you are ready to make that move. Technology allows me to be around, without being pushy. This is the new way to be an agent.

Being a successful Salt Lake area Realtor makes me appreciate all of my Utah neighbors that make it possible. Technology has brought a shift in how we buy and sell “real” property. Cookie cutter marketing plans no longer sell homes for the most money and best terms. The Internet is a great place to start with excellent tools and data. Technology allows me to communicate in more acceptable ways, be more efficient and get my marketing message out across multiple channels.

Real Estate Sales & Marketing You Want

Just a few highlights of what I offer clients:

  • 22 More Marketing Ideas to Sell Your Home
  • Extensive Targeted Marketing Campaigns (Ask for Details)
  • Guaranteed Sales Plan to Sell Property (Pay no Fee!)
  • $1000 Happy Client Satisfaction Guarantee (Buyers/Sellers)
  • Video and Media that is distributed through YouTube

Using a tech savvy Realtor who creates custom marketing plans for sellers is the new standard. Using technology to help buyers and sellers is no longer a novelty, it is an advantage. The business of real estate is changing. Data and information is available to consumers, on smart phones, websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc..Agents are no longer gatekeepers of data

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Throw out the cold scripts, cookie cutter letters and mass mailings. The new perspective is in building trust with people, customizing marketing messages to specific groups and building a “farm” through social media and online marketing.

Why HappyUTAH.com? Buying and selling real estate should be one of the happiest moments we share. I wanted a place where I could write about my experiences in real estate and life. Keeping the atmosphere light and positive is easy when you are happy.

Thanks for visiting HappyUtah.com.

What am I doing when not helping people buy or sell Utah real estate?

Studying new marketing opportunities and trends real estate and technology. This helps everyone. For fun, I enjoy skiing along the Wasatch and hiking at Mill Creek with my dogs. Growing food from the garden is fun too.

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