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When searching for a Utah Mortgage or Utah Mortgage Rates its best to compare local lenders to find the best loan for you and your family. Before you start shopping for the best rate, you want to speak with a lender that will give you honest and expert advice. Not all banks or Utah lenders are created equal. Rates do change over time (days, weeks, months) and there is no rush to “get the best rate” before you have started home shopping. It’s important that you do your research and look for the Utah Mortgage Lender that fits your needs. Utah credit unions may have more strict guidelines such as no medical collections allowed on your credit report. Other banks may have different FICO credit scores requirements. There are many differences in every lender you speak with. Be sure you are receiving solid advice before you make any decisions.

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I have partnered with several UTAH HOME LENDERS that offer every loan program a buyer could want.  Depending on your credit, type of loan, debt ratios and many other factors – you may find that different lenders may vary in programs offered and loan terms.

For example…you have a 598 FICO credit score versus a 640+ FICO – Some lenders cannot go less than 640.  What if you had a 620 and need to close on your home within 25 days?  Most lenders that allow a low FICO credit score may take 60 to 90 days to close your loan. 

If you go to the wrong lender, you might lose more than sleep at night.  I had a buyer that was denied by three underwriters due to debt amount/income.  I found a lender that calculated the buyer’s income more favorable and he was approved.  Would you give up if two or three lenders told you no?

Do you already have Utah home lender?

Receive a complimentary second opinion from a lender that I trust.  These Utah lenders offer exceptional service &  the best Home Loan Guarantees* so we close on time and on budget.  No hidden costs.  No surprises.

What Are the Best Utah Home Loan Programs Available for Utah Buyers?

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